Doug Flint

Art Director

With AGENCY since 2016, Doug is based in Des Moines. Doug is an experienced artist and design manager with over 30 years of experience creating and designing strategic advertising, publishing, and direct mail campaigns. Originally coming to AGENCY from outside the world of political campaigns, Doug brings a proven, professional knowledge of creative strategy, vision, communication, and design management gained working for a wide variety of clients that ranged from small businesses to large corporations.

Doug enjoys the fast-paced environment and impact of the work he does for AGENCY’s clients. He enjoys designing unique, exciting pieces that help win elections.

When Doug’s not designing or managing, you’ll find him enjoying the company of family and friends, spending time outdoors, and engaging in his passion of restoring classic muscle cars. Doug lives in Iowa with his wife Dawn. They have three grown daughters.

Doug’s life hack: “I walk my dog, Mylo, every day so I can be surrounded by nature. It’s relaxing, and when I head back into my home office, I’ve got a burst of energy to finish out my day.”

Wildfire Mail is now AGENCY and still a full-service direct mail firm.

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